Parent Information

Lunch With Your Child and Birthday Celebrations

There are several guidelines that I need to make you aware of in regards to lunch with your child, celebrating their birthday at school, and bringing in food to share with the class from an outside source. Student safety and their academic success are my priorities. I appreciate your support.

Lunch with your child:

1. Eating lunch with your child should be reserved for special occasions only, and you need to write a note in your child’s planner on the day you plan to come in for lunch. You may eat lunch with your child at the tables under the stairwell outside the cafeteria. A detailed policy is stated in the planner. Make sure you always have your ID on you when you visit the school. 

2. Please make sure your child either brings his/her lunch with them every day or they get lunch from the cafeteria. 

Birthday Celebrations and Food from Outside Sources:

1. If you want your child to celebrate his/her birthday with the class, please let your child’s teacher know the date you are coming at least two days in advance.

2. The celebration will take place during lunch, not in the classroom.

3. Please do not bring in balloons or presents for your child to school.

4. You may only bring in cupcakes that are store-bought and shared from the original sealed container. Please ask the classroom teacher about possible allergies before giving a classmate a cupcake or juice. 

5. We can’t allow ANY homemade food to be given to OCPS students. We need to know the source of any food that is given to OCPS students.

6. Please do not bring in party favors or goodie bags to give out to the rest of the class for your child’s birthday. Party favors and goodie bags are a distraction and should be limited to parties held at your home.