Fourth Grade

What Your Fourth Grader Will Learn This Year

Fourth grade students will learn the following concepts and ideas by the end of the school year:


  • Identifies main idea and details
  • Distinguishes between fact and opinion
  • Recognizes cause and effect, sequence of events, author’s purpose and story structure
  • Writes short and extended responses for questions
  • Summarizes stories; and compares and contrasts
  • Makes inferences and predictions
  • Develops vocabulary knowledge

Social Studies

  • The students learn about Florida’s past, present and future. The themes that relate to Florida are: Geography, Native Floridians, Explorers, Colonization, Statehood, Economic Growth, Modern Florida and Government.


  • Students prepare for the writing portion of the FSA as they learn how to write 5 paragraph evidence based expository and opinion essays.


  • Number sense, concepts & operation (counting, order, estimation, fractions, decimals, percents, exponents, number stories, facts, algorithms, and mental math)
  • Algebraic Thinking (properties, sequences, functions, number sentences, variables and formulas)
  • Data Probability (mean, median, mode, range, tally charts, line plots, graphs and probability)
  • Measurement (weight, capacity, money, time, temperature, perimeter, area, volume, diameter, circumference and angle)
  • Geometry (2 and 3 dimensional shapes, symmetry, congruence and angles)


  • Earth Science (water cycle, weather, earth’s surface, rapid and slow changes and natural resources)
  • Physical Science (matter, heat, electricity, magnetism, sound, light, motion, and simple machines)
  • Space and Technology (the solar system and the effects of technology)
  • Life Science (plants, animals, food webs, ecosystems, and the human body)