First Grade

What Your First Grader Will Learn This Year

First grade students will learn the following concepts and ideas by the end of the school year:


  • Demonstrates knowledge of the concept of print and how it is organized and read
  • Read high frequency words and familiar words in isolation and in context
  • Develop grade level vocabulary by using prior knowledge, knowing antonyms/synonyms, compound words, and multiple meaning words
  • Arrange events in sequence
  • Retell and identify main idea and details
  • Make predictions based on prior knowledge, text features, and illustrations
  • Distinguish between fact from fiction and cause from effect

Social Studies

  • Pictures and artifacts will be used to locate information about history and through the use of timelines. Students will compare life now with life in the past as well as identify national holidays. Geography concepts and terms such as maps, globes, cardinal directions, oceans, and the state of Florida. Understanding the concepts of goods and services, money and resources, and rules and laws will be taught


  • Students will work on prewriting strategies (focus on a single idea, brainstorming, and writing logical, sequential events through words and illustrations). The students will work on editing using grammar and convention concepts.


  • Addition and subtraction strategies and knowing basic addition and subtraction facts.
  • Whole number relationships (grouping by tens and ones, compare numbers to 100)
  • Sort and describe two-dimensional and three-dimensional geometric shapes
  • Extend repeating and growing patterns. Compare objects according to length, weight, and capacity.


  • Work in observation groups to identify objects based on shape, size, color, texture. Draw pictures about science investigations. Understand the scientific process.
  • Explore Earth’s place in space along with the concepts of gravity, energy, Milky Way Galaxy, the Solar System along with exploration of Earth’s surface (rocks, water). Forces, motions, and energy.
  • Living organisms (plants, animals, and humans). Life cycles and the interaction among living organisms.